Theo Friedman Moves From Dorm Room to Table With His 'theoryKITCHEN' Series

For a recent dinner, Friedman and his support team — sous chef Nick Dynan, and front-of-the-house manager Ian Russell — kick off the evening with a cucumber, apple, and dill refresher while other guests (fourteen total) arrive and mingle. The space is striking; for more than thirty years it served as a photography studio, and it features an open kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows, and enough square footage to accommodate at least one hundred people. Friedman calls it "a big white box with potential to transform itself to fit whatever event is happening at the moment."

Best Weekend Food Events: NYC Chilifest, Edible Games, and Beer Galore

"Whether you're a gamer or someone who enjoys edible art, this pop-up restaurant at Babycastles Gallery has something you won't find most weekends. Chef Theo Friedman of Theory Kitchen, along with a few video and digital artists, came up with four courses of experiential dishes like a bowling alley with 3-D printed salt and pepper shakers that season food when they're knocked over, and a conveyor belt that rolls out edible dice. Tickets are $37.40 per person"