Theory Kitchen is a full in-house culinary events company. Through interactive dining environments and intimate settings, we are changing the way food is consumed. We focus on creating a community around a table using food as a shared experience and universal language.

Our experiences can be crafted to fit your needs.  We host a range of sizes and formats from as small as 2 people to as large as 1,000. Our styles change from as intimate and formal as 20 course tasting menus to as casual and relaxed as giant outdoor BBQs. 


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Types of Services and Offers


Internal Company Development

Theory Kitchen offers a unique experience for your employees to gather, connect and grow through interactive and intimate dining experiences

Allow creativity to develop by bringing together different parts of your organization around a single table

Client and Partner Relations

Demonstrate to your clients your belief in creativity, community and expression

Establish a direct connection and develop a relationship with your clients by breaking bread

Outward facing experiential marketing campaigns and Activations

Let Theory Kitchen help you reach your audience in a new way through direct engagement with target audience

Engage your customers in lasting and unique ways through engaging outbound marketing efforts

Draw attention and buzz to your brand

“Any company building something worth believing in will feel a creative kinship with Chef Theo’s thoughtful approach to food and its surroundings.”

– Charlie Kaplan, CEO of Cymbal


“The Theory Kitchen team created a mind-blowing, experimental and dynamic program for 40 investors, founders and domain experts. The quality of food and the creativity aligned with the Boom Group brand and seamlessly integrated into the experience. We’d absolutely work with Theory Kitchen again.”

– Celestine Johnson, Partner, The Boom Group