Theory Kitchen aims to create transformative culinary events using three avenues. The founding concept is centered around multi-course, intimate, experiential and experimental popup dinners. From that, Theory Kitchen has selected individual outside events bringing new perspectives to food for other people. The third and most recent project is a collaboration with artists of all kinds using food as a shared medium of expression.


Theory Kitchen is a culinary brand founded by Theo Friedman. In attempts to reintroduce stories, emotions and personal experiences into the industrial food system, Theo started hosting pop-up dinners in 2010. Beginning with the first dinner, Theory Kitchen has aimed to cultivate a space where the intersection of art, culture, music, craftsmanship and food can be shared in an intimate environment. Since transitioning to operating Theory Kitchen full time, Theo Friedman has been featured on many media outlets such as The Boston Globe and Yahoo Food. While only 22 years old, Theo has worked in several notable restaurants, including The Musket Room, WD-50, Clio, Gotham Bar & Grill and Nudel

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Theory Kitchen has had success throughout the Northeast hosting a range of events in distinct settings. Every event is different: the physical location has changed from a photo studio to a backyard to a cocktail lounge. No menu has ever been repeated. Each night involves a different crew of artists, creators, cooks and guests that come together to create a community around the table. 

Theory Kitchen aims to create an environment where the people making and serving your food are just as excited about being there as you are.

About photos courtesy of Kelvin Ma.

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